Sunday, June 19, 2011

making progress

So yesterday when I got to the barn Nina had no heat and no fluid in her leg.  She does have some scar tissue laying down.  After I rode there was a little fill.  Today, again there was no heat and no fluid.
I didn't ride, she was batshit crazy and even I could feel the barometer dropping as a front came in, so I lunged her a little, tried to control the spooking and running, gave up and went and got a Mountain Dew.  By the time I got back she had settled and trotted around for a while.  Again a very small amount of fluid in the leg after.. 
I am planning (sort of) to ride tomorrow, give her Tuesday off, ride Wednesday and Thursday.  I have lessons all afternoon on Friday so she will be off, ride Saturday and if she is sane we will do the walk/trot equitation at the schooling show on Sunday. 
She needs to either be lame or do something  on Sunday.  It is the barn's second annual English/Western schooling show.  I judged the English classes last year and didn't want to this year because I wanted to show.  I had this silly idea that we would be jumping by now. 
There is a walk/trot Equitation class - I hate Equitation - but at least we will be entered and it's a fun show. 
If a miracle occurs this week I might shove her over a crossrail and do that, just skip the flat class in the division. 
Hoping for a good week.

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