Monday, June 6, 2011

I think we are back to work

Saturday I had a friend trot Nina for me on the very hard driveway.  She looked fine, landing on her heel, grabbing the ground, even stride.  I was going to ride yesterday but I taught a lesson and was too tired afterward to ride so she got the day off.
Quick aside - I have had one cold after another ever since I got out of the hospital, they totally drain my energy.  I NEVER get colds or flu, well hardly ever and if I do it is gone in a day or two while everyone else is still hacking.  I think I should sue the hospital for ruining my immune system.  It's driving me crazy.
Anyway, back to horses, so I rode Nina today.  We managed to trot over poles, make some circles that were actual circles, stop and start.  It's been so long since I have asked her to do anything that I had forgotten how incredibly sensitive she is and pissy goes along with that.  I was trying for a little bend on the circle; inside leg, outside rein, she very obediently stands up over her shoulder, bends thru the middle, relaxes her neck - until she realizes that I am still asking and How Dare You!  The head flies up and a few stomping steps accompany it.  Try again, let go of the aids as soon as she starts to comply and all is well.
One of Steinkraus' rules of training horses is Use An Aid and Put It Away.
I think he met Nina.  Maybe in a different life. 
I had gotten used to being quiet and quick at the same time with her, but it has been a while and I find myself reverting to my old nagging ways, which in my defense many horses have not objected to. 
Try again tomorrow, also work on my own slouchy posture.  Egad I am out of shape and have not done anything about it. 


  1. Sounds like you two need a bit of time together to work out the kinks. ;)

    Sorry to hear you've been sick. It drags you down. :( But I am glad Nina's legs are better. :)

  2. Lucky you. Well, unlucky that you've been sick, but lucky that you rarely get sick. If anybody coughs within a one mile radius of me, i will inevitably get sick.
    Maybe it's wrong, but I was sortof impressed with Nina's quick and successful return. It may only be trot work, but she's still bending and not forgettting everything she learned.

  3. Thanks Kate, I am going to write a little today about how I feel I am walking a fine line. It's nice to know that from the outside things don't look....well..... iffy.


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