Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Continued fallout...

from the Epona TV films of the reining horses at a recent competition.  IMO the FEI has not lived up to its responsibilities for quite a while.  Perhaps the gathering storm over this recent incident will provide some push.  When the videos first went online there was outrage in all directions.  I was interested to note that while most comments from Americans were focused on the rider, most of the comments from Europe were outrage over the lack of action by the stewards.  Now that the dust has settled more and more people seem to be agreeing with this latter view.  WHERE was the official response and who took action to protect the horses?....... all eyes now turn to the FEI.

Here is the link to a new article from Horses for Life


  1. When the officials turn a blind eye they are telling people that these methods are ok. What will it take to make people understand that they are not?

  2. I agree! The officials turning a blind eye is as much as saying it is okay. So sad.

  3. Officials who turn a blind eye are 1) not doing their jobs by ensuring that rules are followed, and 2) are just as bad as the perpetrators by enabling bad behaviour. IMHO, anyway. Who hires or gives these people their accreditation?? Perhaps how they are ranked as officials should be revisited.

  4. I wish ALL disciplines at ALL levels would crack down, step up, and defend the noble animals that give us their all.


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