Thursday, June 23, 2011

clean horse

 I gave Nina her bath for the fun show today.  A real bath with soap and a brush and scrubbing.  Usually I just hose them off, but I wanted to clean her up, if she doesn't behave at least she will look good doing it.
I cleaned her up completely, removing all unwanted hair from legs and face and trimming her mane, again, even made a nice clean bridle path.  I was impressed. 
I thought I probably couldn't get near a wash rack Friday or Saturday and if I got her really clean today I can keep her clean over the weekend..... as long as it doesn't rain. 
Guess what?
uh-huh, raining right now. 
This is worse than washing the car (more work too). 
AND I forgot to take pictures. 


  1. Oh no! She's probably rolling in the mud right now! ;)

    How was her leg doing?

  2. Her leg was good today and good on Tuesday. Yesterday it was a little iffy. We will see how it does the next couple of days. On the good side she is doing very nice transitions. Hopefully it will be good on Sunday morning. If not, it's not a big deal.


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