Saturday, June 18, 2011


I finally got ON my horse today.  I gave her a week off and then every day that something came up she got that day off too.
I just walked around today.  Her 'first day back' objection consisted of head up in the air and shaking it, ears pinned etc.  I threw the reins at her and kicked her and apparently that was that.  She walked out nicely, did some turns and leg yielding without any problems.
After trying for over a year to give this mare the incentive to be forward and not sucked back - now I am fighting to get her to just walk, she wants to go, not take off and bolt, just GO!
I can never figure if she is just being contrary or there is a delayed response to training.
But anyway, there was a slight bit of fill in the leg after I rode, we will see how it feels tomorrow.
I have a couple of lessons tomorrow so I may go and ride her in the morning - that will be a shock to her system.


  1. Over the hump now! Time to get back into the routine. Congrats :)

  2. Maybe her leg is bothering her more than you suspect? Seems like she's had lots of leg troubles all year, poor thing. I hope she's better tomorrow. :)


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