Wednesday, February 22, 2012

we are getting blown away

The wind here is incredible tonight.  We have had a couple of mild, windy days which has been nice because that is all it took to make a huge difference in starting to melt some snow and dry things out.
Today it was 60, but too windy to ride outside, so I taught inside. 

Tonight we are suppose to get high winds and a snow storm.   Really high winds, like 80-100mph are not unheard of along the edge of the foothills.  Boulder, Arvada, Golden are all western suburbs of Denver that get winds like that about once a year.  This year several more times than once. 
I am east of there and generally those high winds do not carry very far east, fading to just normal strong winds by the time you get to Denver.

Tonight DIA which is east of the Denver city limits, is having 90mph winds that is causing flights to be unable to land or take off, waiting for the winds to quit.
We are having winds at my house that are a little scary.  There are lots of very big mature trees in this area and they are moving around a lot!  They are not used to this kind of wind.

I am ready for the snow to start if it means the winds will stop.  Lets get this over with.  Nina should be fine, she has a nice solid shed for shelter that is built to handle these winds from this direction.
Good night to just take shelter and wait for it to blow over.


  1. Holy cow... batten down the hatches. Its time to start looking at properties in California. You've had one hell of a winter!

  2. We get winds like that once in a while up here in Fargo, too. Usually more like 70-80mph, but sometimes that high. Shakes the whole building up here on third floor. I bet New Mexico is looking pretty good about now. ;)

  3. Got lucky in my neighborhood, no trees down and the power stayed on. Unlike lots of other areas. Power is out at the barn, but it is apparently a specific transformer and the power company is working on it.
    This has been a bizarre winter that's for sure.

  4. I'm ready for spring over here! Winter has been too long. The horses are starting to shed which is a good sign!

  5. Now that sounds like some very impressive winds! Try not to blow away.


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