Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow report

The snow started Thursday night, as predicted.  By mid day Friday it looked like it might leave early, the sky was bright and it quit snowing for a couple of hours.  I went out and shoveled sidewalks and driveway.  But apparently this was the eye of the hurricane because Friday evening it was beating down again.  By Saturday morning you could not tell that I had shoveled anything.   It is Saturday morning now, still snowing a bit, but really just a few flakes.  We will spend a few days digging out. 
I noticed on the national news last night that one channel told the story here - everything shut down, flights cancelled, highways closed.  Another one said that Colorado had a little snow and it might be serious as it moved east.  Guess it all depends on whether you are the one being buried or not.

This is Friday morning - the black streak at the top of the pic is my neighbors car.
This is Saturday morning - the black dot across the street is my neighbors car.
A snow plow just came through and cleared a path down the center of the street without making big dams every where.  Now all I have to do is clear the driveway and halfway out into the street.  I may wait til tomorrow.  Last heavy snow I got stuck just up the street dodging some idiot in a 4x4.  It took about 15 people to push/pull me out. 


  1. Yup! I'd stay put for a while! Wow! I know it's a pain in the back (shoveling) but it sure looks pretty to me. Looks very wet--melty. I wonder if it will stick around or a lot of it will melt off? You guys really did get dumped on something fierce! I hope Nina is enjoying the snow. :)

  2. Yikes! I think you should just stay inside and splurge on getting someone to plow you this point it would be money well spent!

  3. Holy cow, you really got dumped on! That makes me cold just looking at it....

  4. Oh dear - looks pretty but is generally a pain in the rear. Hope you get some nice pics, and that it goes away asap! ;)


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