Thursday, February 2, 2012

storm coming

This storm has been predicted for a while.  It was being pushed back a few hours at a time all week,
I was kind of hoping it might blow apart or change its path and miss us.
The forecasters are predicting 16" of snow.  I am firmly hoping they are all smoking crack.


  1. OMG! Now that's a snowstorm! I wonder if it will come to pass or pass you by? If you do get snow--post pictures! We've been missing it up here. ;)

  2. That is about 8 times as much snow as I have gotten all year. I hope you are all stocked up on supplies and have a good book to read!

  3. Rita, if the storm does come through here, this one will miss you also. It is supposed to go along the So Colo border, curl up toward Denver and then go east from there.

    All set for a day indoors, coffee, food, books and I found my old set of MacGyver CDs and been waiting for a chance to watch them.

  4. It's H.e.r.e. Blowing and drifting. I'm working from home today, but my husband made it to work and said the roads were terrible. Stay warm. Stay safe.


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