Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sunshine and a nice afternoon

I got to the barn during the lull between the high winds this morning and the predicted high winds tonight and it was very nice.  The sun was out, the turnout was dry enough for a little running and bucking and Nina got some exercise.
I wish I knew what had turned her into a dangerous nutcase when it comes to blankets.... until just a few weeks ago I used to be able to throw blankets on her without needing a halter.  Now I hard tie her and get the hell out of the way as she swings around.
One little glimmer of light over this behavior - at least the lessons in standing tied have not fallen out of her head.  For a horse that refused to stand tied when I got her, she slams on the brakes now at the first touch from the lead rope when she is tied.  OTOH - having to tie her to take a blanket off or put one on is ridiculous, especially since you still have to get out of her way as she spooks away from it, but hopefully she will get over whatever convinced her that blankets are scary monsters.
Blankets aside, she got to run a bit, followed me around when she got bored and got to roll on dry ground!  I tried doing some grooming but the wind picked up again and I swear it was changing direction to blow dirt and hair directly into my face.   I got tired of that quickly and Nina did not enjoy having mud pulled out of her hair either so we quit. 
It was nice to spend a little time at the barn without being miserably cold and wet.  Never happy, I now want a couple days in a row of nice weather.

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