Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updating for (or hoping for) spring...

I enjoy playing with the blog layouts and backgrounds and I decided to try to make up for an early (and disastrous) mistake. 
Back in early November I came across that photo of the Acropolis in the snow and thought it would make a great background.  I really enjoyed it except for one thing.  It seems that it brought winter along with it.  November is usually my favorite fall month, full of sunshine and just warm enough to be comfortable.  Winter doesn't normally start here until late December and really gets going in January and February.  But I am looking at snow in my yard and on my street that fell in early November - apparently following the example of the blog background. 

So the background is gone, replaced with a neutral, hopefully springlike background.
The date is not random, February 1 is Imbolc.  For those of you not familiar with ancient Celtic celebrations....  Imbolc is halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.  It is also the start of lambing season.  And it is the holiday of Brigid.  
It is the early warning that spring is going to come soon. 

I am so sick of winter that I figured this couldn't hurt. 


  1. So now we know who to blame! LOL!
    Maybe this will bring spring on sooner for you. One can hope. ;)

  2. We've had the oddest sort of winter. Last Saturday was the worst snow storm we've had all year... it kept snowing from Friday all the way through to Sunday. Then, for the past two days its been 40-45 degrees out. Bye bye snow, hello mud.

  3. We've had a delightful January - today I pulled a lawn chair out into Val's paddock and we sunned ourselves - it was 70+ degrees. If this continues through February, it will certainly be an early spring for us. Sorry to brag...

    Sending more sunny wishes your way! (((☼☼☼)))

  4. Ugh. We had a long looooong wet winter. Now we are at the end of a short even wetter summer. I have hardly ridden, there is mud EVERYWHERE and I keep reading all you northern hemisphereites talk about how spring is nearly there. Well, I won't have it!! I demand my real summer and you can't have it back until I actually get one!!

  5. I feel for you Lisa, but I have to be honest. If we get a chance to rip off spring and summer early....well, we won't hesitate. Feel guilty, yes. Hesitate, no. ;-)


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