Tuesday, February 7, 2012

sliding down a black spiral .... just weather again

Yesterday we managed to find a quiet time in the indoor for a lesson and nobody froze to death.  Actually it was in the 30s - not too bad.
A 'little dusting' of snow was expected overnight, maybe an inch at early rush hour.
So at 1pm it is still snowing like crazy.  Fortunately a snow plow got lost and wandered down my street.  Seriously, they worked on the residential streets.  I think the snow didn't get too bad on the major roads because it was coming down during rush hour and getting beat down.  If the plow hadn't come past my house I could never have gotten out today. 

Nina was anxious for her beet pulp and happy to get it.
This was also one of those days that pointed out how weird it is to keep an OTTB in a primarily QH barn.  Nina and her neighbor, Fawkes, were alert, watching what was going on, a little on their toes, not crazy, just alert.  I think they were the only two horses in the barn that were not asleep. 


  1. On a happier less cold note, there's an award (or two) for you & miss Nina over at my blog. It may not be 80 degree weather, but it beats a blizzard ;)

  2. Please forgive my ignorance, but is it really true that if it snows and the snow plow DOESN'T come down your street, that you are stranded at home?!?! That just boggles my mind, coming from Sydney. What if you need milk? Bread? A hospital?

  3. Lisa, normally there is no problem, we rarely get big amounts of snow at once and usually the residential streets are not plowed. But the last two snows have been (in this area) 24 inches and 12 inches, just days apart. It created a mess. :-)


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