Saturday, February 12, 2011

time to regroup

Nina has been going so well that I was getting excited about getting her out to some of the early spring schooling shows, like in March.  So we have had weeks of off and on below zero weather and now we are buried in very wet snow.  When I got to the barn today the parking lot was full and there was no one in sight.  Everyone riding indoors in an arena the size of a small dressage ring.  (20m x40m)
The outdoor had the snow scraped off, that's what the picture yesterday were, and it was totally underwater.  The rest of the ground was frozen solid with water running over it.  This last snow was like a spring snow with all the water in it, but the ground is frozen from all the sub zero weather, so the melting snow has no where to go. 
I wasn't taking Nina into the melee indoors, the outdoor is a bog, so is the turnout, the ground every where else is rock hard.  I didn't even get Nina out to walk around.
And she needs to get shoes put back on her hind feet.  She has been barefoot for 3 months and is still tender footed.  She just has thin soles and the hard ground is not comfortable for her.
I need to stop stressing over not riding and just chill.  When it is possible to ride, just walk or walk/trot, don't worry if it is days between rides and wait for the weather to get better.  We are not going to make it to the March shows.  This has been the worst winter for riding for as long as I have been in Colorado, I hope we don't have another one like this. 


  1. I have mostly given up on riding for now. We have 3' of frozen, icy snow on the ground. The trails are packed down into luge runs and there is so much snow on the sides of the roads that it's impossible for two cars to pass on the side roads! I think Freedom will just have to chill for the time being.

  2. I just finished reading your blog and have really enjoyed it! I wanted to comment on almost every post, but figured that would be rude to spam you like that :D. I live in Boulder when I am not at college, and I understand your frustrations about the weather...riding gets difficult.

    A few posts back you mentioned wanting an online resource for getting your horse fit, I would like to recommend They have awesome ways to track your horse's progress and get help with exercises to improve riding through their Master Movements App. Best of all it's all free!

    Good luck with Nina and I will be following you and your progress!

  3. Thanks Andrea, that looks like a good site and I "Liked" it on Facebook too.

  4. And what's crazy... is up here more towards the wyoming border, winter has been rather mild. Today everything is thawed and I could go ride in the outdoor no problems if I wanted. Crazy!

  5. I'm thinking this has been our worst winter too. I never liked riding in an indoor with so much action going on. It's just not conducive to getting anything done. Maybe you'll get out soon, good luck.

  6. I'm glad you like the site! If you want to join, you should add me as a friend, my user name is Andi R. Good luck with Nina, I hear the weather the next few days should be nice.

  7. This has been the most rediculous year for weather since I moved to Montana. We had at least two rounds of golf ball hail, a tornado, freezing rain, rediculous snow, crazy temperature swings, flooding, 80mph wind storms... Here's hoping for some sanity in the year ahead!


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