Thursday, February 3, 2011


We don't do SLEET in Colorado, that's something they do in Ohio, or Kentucky or someplace.
Several hours of sleet today.  Yuck.  It did turn to snow late in the afternoon as the temps dropped.  Just in time for a yucky rush hour, which I was home for.

Is anyone actually RIDING????  I feel like I should link this blog to the National Weather Service and take it off the horse blogs site.  It doesn't seem to be much about horses.
Anybody, everybody bored with the weather reports from Colorado yet?

I had a lesson to teach this afternoon and we decided to bag it.  Normally around 2pm there is nobody at the barn so it is safe to schedule a lesson regardless of the weather, the indoor and outdoor are pretty much empty.   I got there this afternoon and my lesson was mounted up and walking inside.  Along with two people ponying horses, one person lunging, 3 or 4 other riders and (apparently some parents are eager to collect the life insurance) a child hand walking a horse in the middle of that.  All in an arena the size of a small dressage ring.  We rescheduled for Saturday. 

Nina was pissy.  She hates getting her ears wet so she was staying in her shed and not happy about it.  She nearly shoved me out of the way to get her beet pulp, thought better of it at the last second and put on a happy face for about 5 seconds.  I think she is bored rather than hungry.

I hear you can climb on the backs of these beasts, they call it riding.  I'm going to try it someday. 


  1. I am pleased to say that I was back in the saddle last night. It was around 10F when I got to the barn...a heatwave! Right now the computer says it's 39F so you better believe that as soon as Husband gets home, I'm heading out to take advantage. I feel like we just moved to the tropics.

  2. I get pissy when my ears get sleeted on, too. ;)
    The weather really seems to be working against you. Groundhog Phil said there'll be an early spring. Let's hope he was right! :)


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