Monday, February 14, 2011

can't ride at all...

My can't ride days tend to be the same.  Instead of feeling like I am sitting down in the saddle connected to my horse, I feel like I imagine this must feel. Sort of waving around up in the air above the horse with not much control.   I call it my 'Riding a Camel' days. It's not a good feeling. 

Today the weather was perfect but the outdoor was under water so we went in the indoor.  Now Nina has not been ridden for nearly 2 weeks and because I am not riding any other horses, I have not ridden for almost 2 weeks.  I have a pretty good skill set, good reactions and I am hard to get off, but my confidence depends on riding everyday.  So Nina was high and I was tense.  We both needed to breath more.  We spooked around the indoor for a little bit, not too bad when suddenly I had Nina's ears in my face and she was at least 19h high.  I realized that the other horses that had been in the indoor had left.  OMG!  We were alone in THE SCARY PLACE.   She never did deflate and I never did feel like I had a horse under me instead of air, but we got through it without a wreck. 
On the plus side Nina was more excited than pissy and she stayed pretty obedient whenever her feet were on the ground.  It wasn't really that bad.  A bad combination of too much time off for both of us, a high horse and a tense rider.  At least we got it out of the way and the rest of the week is supposed to be fairly nice.


  1. That sort of sounds like Bailey when I rode him last. It feels like you're riding a time bomb, not a horse :P

  2. Some time last fall I was riding a horse that I was familiar with on a day that should have been normal - no weather problems, nothing, and for some reason I could not sit the canter no matter what I did. I have been riding for 15 years, doing all sorts of thing...but that day I had forgotten the basics. It's weird how our minds and bodies play tricks on us.

  3. I love the camel comparison and unfortunately I know exactly what you mean :) I had 'one of those days' on my last ride.
    Glad you stayed safe in the indoor after two weeks of no riding.

  4. I love your camel riding analogy. Not that I've ever ridden a camel, but I'm still pretty sure that this is the perfect description!

  5. Oh dear, you just made me realize I have many camel days ahead of me when the weather finally breaks.


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