Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the power of the sun

The radiant power of the sun, especially at high altitude and low humidity is pretty darn impressive, even when you are used to it. 
I drove to work on definitely passable roads this morning, but still hazardous, as proven by the countless fender benders at intersections and one big snafu that took three lanes to one. 
The sun came out in full force today, not the wimpy grey/cloudy/foggy sun we have had for a couple of days.  When I got off work at 1pm, my car was HOT inside.  I drove to the barn (about a half hour drive) without turning the heater on and watched the ice on the roads evaporating without melting in great swirling clouds of steam.   The  roads were nearly dry. 
Getting out of the car at the barn into the single digit temps after that drive was gaspingly cold, even though I can read the actual temp and spent time bundling up in the car, it was still a shock. 
Amazing that tomorrow this will all be gone and normal 30s temps will be back.  After watching what this front did after it left here, we got off easy.  We got some pretty extreme temps but only a few inches of snow, unlike some areas getting both. 

1 comment:

  1. It amazes me how quickly your snow and ice melts away "up" there. Yup--it must be that being closer to the sun. ;)


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