Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the great escape!

I got tired of Nina untying herself while I was trying to groom and tack her up so I hard tied her.  As soon as I turned my back she sat back, broke the halter and took off, saddle only loosely attached. 
She ran down a shed row aisle and one of the guys cleaning stalls opened the gate to a pen and she ran inside.  When I got there she was looking kind of puzzled but pleased with herself. 
Then she threw a royal fit and wouldn't let me get a bridle on her so I dragged her to a round pen with the lead rope around her neck and let her run like a fool for a little while.  When she was through running for her she got to run a little more for me.  Then she stood quietly so I could rearrange her disheveled clothes and get on.  We had a nice ride, she was quite obedient.


  1. Sounds like tons of excitement. Although it was nice that when you did finally did get her sorted she was good rather that diving you a stink about being ridden.

    When my horse had a spaz-attack before the ride I was always a little leery about getting on.

  2. What a snot! Glad you won in the end.

  3. Oh Nina. Lucky you were able to catch her quickly. Is the barn's property fenced?
    Maybe that's what you need to do before every ride; give her a good lunge session first, like you would with a baby ;)

  4. Spunky Nina sounds like she has a lot of pent up energy. Maybe it would be a good idea to let her get rid of some of it before you ride? Especially when she hasn't had time to run or been ridden for a while. Might be worth a try? What a stinker! ;)

  5. She sounds like a handful when she's being tacked. Glad you had a good ride in the end.


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