Sunday, February 27, 2011

good and bad...

The bad first.  I feel like crap, my head hurts, my neck hurts, I somehow aggravated a sciatic nerve in my left leg and I am super nauseous.  There, all the fun.  On the good side, I am not going to be riding for a while and I have arranged for Nina to be ridden on Saturday and Sunday.  Ali is a former student of mine who has started taking lessons with my jump instructor and she is in town on the weekends, home from college.
We gave it a try yesterday, a beautiful day at the barn, and it went well.  The last time Ali got on Nina was a long time ago when Nina was in her get-off-of-me-or-I-will-kill-you mode.  Not fun and no forward movement and more than a little intimidating so I am sure she was a little nervous at first.  
Ali has a green Thoroughbred who is bigger and more powerful than Nina, but doesn't have her movement.  His trot is strong and big, but Nina's doesn't touch the ground, she just pushes hard and floats. A different kind of movement.  So Ali enjoyed that movement a lot.  I think this will be good for Nina, another person who will treat her fairly and ask her to work.
Here are some shots of them on Saturday afternoon.  This is all I could get from sitting in a chair at ringside, which is where my energy level put me.


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well :(
    Nina's trot sounds beautiful and the pictures are great. I'm so jealous of the short sleeve weather.

  2. Sorry to hear that! But glad Nina will have somebody to ride her. They looked like they got along well. Loved seeing the pictures! I can't believe the short sleeve weather, either! We're still in the teens and low 20s for highs and can still be below zero at night. Looks glorious! Get well quickly!! :)

  3. Ouch, sounds like it hurts. Nina looks beautiful though! Maybe you could catch a video for us?

  4. I'm behind on things - sorry to hear about your accident - ouch! Glad you weren't more seriously injured and hope you feel better soon. Glad you found someone to ride Nina - they look good together.

  5. Geez, you get run over, now you have sciatica issues. Poor you! Hope you are up and at 'em soon.


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