Thursday, February 17, 2011

another nice day

Cruising through the horsey blogs it appears that lots of us are enjoying a break from winter.  The weather has been nice here, riding without jackets. 
Nina and I worked some more on her manners on the ground, she was better today and spent about 45 minutes just trotting big circles, mostly working on me.  Thanks to years of hard work and lots of yelling by instructors, my leg is pretty solid, but my upper body..... yuck.  Round shoulders, slouchy....I worked on sitting up, shoulders back, no slouching.  I think I am going to be sore tomorrow.  My posture sucks but I am going to fix it.


  1. Nice that Nina was giving you time to work on you for once--ROFL! ;)

    We've been lucky to have nice weather over here, too. Delicious!!

  2. I'm with you on the posture. Hopefully, mine has improved since that picture of me and Ali a couple of years ago. Gravity gets stronger the older we get!

  3. I could do with a break in the weather. Only been able ot ride once this week. I struggle with my shoulders rolling forward but it's not just riding. It's a hard problem to fix.

  4. Got a big grin reading everyone's warm weather entries this week.


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