Saturday, February 5, 2011

it's snowing...

again, still, whatever.

My lesson this afternoon canceled because the indoor was full of people letting their horses just wander around while they were texting and talking on phones and others were tacking up IN the arena, there was no room to ride and it was snowing a blowing and muddy outside. 
Why is it that the people who are clueless and RUDE get to do whatever they want?


  1. I think I would have thrown a fit...

  2. There should be a giant sign with a list of rules posted somewhere. ;)

  3. There are rules posted and the barn manager is very supportive of speaking up. She saw this post also and told me she is going to crack down on what goes on in the indoor. The problem is that my student tried to warm up in that, got frustrated and angry and canceled her lesson. This was the second one in a week. Costs me $$$. Those texting kids all think I am a bitch anyway so I will just tell them to get out of the way, but I wasn't there.

  4. Well, I hope the barn manager does something. If people like you keep losing money they will be forced to look elsewhere. Good luck!! :)

  5. They do it because no one tells them not to and they live in their own little worlds where they are the most important thing in their lives. Seems more and more people these days have no conscience when it comes to others.

  6. Thankfully it sounds like your barn has some rules and it sounds like they might get enforced. Ours just has three: pick up poop, don't drink, don't smoke. The last one is the only one I've never seen broken.

    Hopefully the barn manager steps up and you can get some arena time for you and your students.


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