Tuesday, September 13, 2011

trudging along

I have been riding for a short time the last few days.  Saturday Nina was very pissy about trotting so we just did a little and walked.  Sunday we just walked, and walked and walked.  She was cheerful and forward.  Her back is a little sensitive and the engine dies quickly after being off for so long.  If just walking can work her through this initial stiffness and soreness at getting back to work, that's fine.  I can use the time to work on my incredibly bad posture. 
Or so I thought.
Yesterday she decided that exploding at the sight of the manure guy loading up his truck was a good idea.  So after I got her attention back on me we did lots of trotting figure 8s.  So I will have to see how sore or lame she is today and play it by ear.  The good thing is that I felt absolutely no difference in her in the changes of direction and she was moving well. 
I really want to start doing some trot sets with her and get her (and me) back in some sort of shape, but I will give this hit and miss a few more days and see if she gets more comfortable.  The tough thing with this mare is that I can't tell when she is fussy if it is because she is pissed because she gave in and let me get on her, or if she is sore somewhere. 
I keep telling myself that this is pretty normal for a horse that has been out of work for months and there is not really much sign of her obstinate side.


  1. Seems like it is hard to know with Nina what her particular issue is for being moody. But she doesn't sound like she's been too bad for not being ridden much lately and having a sore foot. :)

  2. Dag nammit. Trying to comment from my phone here.. Sorry!!

    What I wanted to say is:

    "I can't tell when she is fussy if it is because She is pissed she gave in and let me on her, or if she is sore somewhere"

    That is my sister's mare! We even had a vet out to do a full check with bloodwork including hormones and $480 later te (lovely) vet told my sister it's just her.

    Last night Gracie was tail swishy, ears back grumpy faced and I ended up getting on her first as my sister has come off her a few times lately an it has knocked her confidence. She was sooo pissy! Ended up taking off the saddle and trying some bareback stuff and she still had the shits. I got what I could from her and got off. MARES!!

  3. I think you are incredibly patient with her. I guess I'm just lucky but Freedom is always ready to go out for an adventure. Sure, he has bad days but he just likes to go.

    Do you have trails near you? I think Freedom *might* get pissy if we spent a lot of time in a ring. We do most of our rides out in the fields and trails and just do a bit of jumping in the ring.


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