Friday, September 30, 2011


I am just trying to get on Nina 5 or 6 days a week and gradually get her back in shape to work.  She was a little sore across her back when I first starting riding her again, but that is gone.  Now she is a little weak in the rear.  She has a great engine and pushing off with her rear for every stride, she doesn't dog it and trundle along on her front.  So she is getting a little sore and I can tell when she is tired.  If the weather is mostly good for a couple of months we can get back in shape.  She is really feeling good.

My students are doing much better than I am.
Ned is learning how to actually jump, canter a rhythm, pick a spot without rushing and canter off without needing the length of a football field to rebalance.  Well, the last part is definitely a work in progress but he is going great.  A few months ago it was obvious that he had just been run at the fences and had learned to fling himself over and gallop away.  He is going to be fun.
Porter, the mustang that I posted pics of, is doing great.  We ran through a dressage test this week, just for something new to do.  There was some giggling involved but the nice thing is that he was able to focus for the whole time (his attention span has been, well, short) and while he didn't exactly make all the transitions and turns like a pro, he didn't get rattled by so much coming at him so fast.  He is just a delight and very outspoken about how he feels about things.
I am going with a student to look at a horse on Monday.  There are things I like and things I don't like from his one (bad) photo.  He might be very cute. 
I do have to wonder at what people call professional training.  If you say your horse is in professional training, you shouldn't have to sell it by posting a bad picture on craigslist.  One or the other, not both.
Oh well, still fun to go look.

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  1. I hope we have a nice long fall with good weather for you and all the students. :)


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