Wednesday, September 14, 2011

getting ready for winter training

So, summer is about over, fall is moving in fast (cool rainy days due this week) and winter is lurking.

Since Nina had the summer off we will have to suck it up and ride and train through the winter. 
We are going eventing in the spring, come hell or highwater.

OK, so we wouldn't be doing it like this (Christan Trainor and Sea Accounts) ...

... we could do more like this level (me and General Counsel) ...

But we are going to be out there!


  1. I'm already excited for next summer! We still have maybe 2 more months of XC schooling (if we're lucky) but realistically, winter's coming... and fast. The winter will be full of schooling shows and snow drifts, but with next summer in sight hopefully it'll fly right by.

  2. I'm just coming out of the other end of winter and it just sucks! I would feel sorry for you but winter for you means finally getting to summer for me so sorry!

    Except you didn't get to ride your mare last summer so I guess I should have some sympathy.

  3. Haha, Izzy and I are in for an intense winter. I'm already eyeing fleecy breeches and winter boots and it's still 90 during the days here. Nothing like cold to make you do chores efficiently, right?

  4. You guys are so positive! That's great. Lisa, you crack me up. Enjoy the summer - you will get to listen to us whine about winter.


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