Friday, September 23, 2011

don't be a passenger

Yesterday I taught three lessons and rode Nina for a short ride.  I gave one lesson partly while riding Nina.
Now over the day of lessons I must have said a hundred times some variation of 'ride the horse' and 'don't be a passenger.'   So then I find myself being a passenger on Nina, over thinking her head tossing rude behavior and sudden inability to trot over some poles on the ground.
Picking the most cuddly and tactful approach out of my hat I gave her a resounding, walloping, knock-the-breath-out-of-you kick and after her initial shock, I got a much nicer attitude and renewed physical abilities.

Don't be a passenger!



  1. Your post brought a smile to my face. My instructor used to regularly tell me the same thing. :-) I am getting better!!!

  2. So true! When I'm out hunting people will ask me if my horse wants to go in front or behind or whatever. My response is that he needs to go where I tell him! Once we got that straight (and it did take awhile) life got a lot easier. He still gets some input but now that I'm the driver, he's much more fun.

  3. That made me giggle! Have to jolt Nina onto the straight and narrow now and again--LOL! ;)

  4. I just got caught up reading your blog. I like what Liz said. Had the same sort of situation yesterday. Pixie wanted to follow a horse that passed us on the trail. We had quite a discussion before she decided to go where I told her! Life does get easier after that.


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