Thursday, September 8, 2011

There is a new foal at the barn, just a couple of days old now.   The last time there were foals at the barn Nina was a little obsessed with the one that lived next to her. 
When the newest one was just hours old I walked Nina passed her pen and she took a good look and then quietly walked away.  I thought, good girl, much calmer than I thought she would be.  Then we had walked a couple hundred feet and suddenly her head shot up and she was staring over her shoulder at the foal.  BABY!  Look!  it's a BABY!
She didn't take her eyes off of it the rest of the afternoon. 
Kind of a delayed reaction.
This lends credence to my one-brain-cell-firing-at-a-time theory.


  1. Haha, silly mare.

    Baby is SO CUTE. Not that I'd ever want to get him show clean, lol.

  2. I thought the same thing myself!

  3. LOL@your one-brain-cell-firing-at-a-time theory!!
    What a cute baby! I can see why Nina was paying close attention. ;)

  4. That baby is freaking adorable! Looks super cuddly, too. Fantastic picture, by the way.
    Lol, Nina was just oging into shock. Not her fault ;)


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