Monday, September 26, 2011

92 degrees!

Happy Fall!  My car thought it was only 90 and the bank said 91 but the car dealer where I used to work said 92 and I have never known the GM of that dealership to ever be wrong about anything, so 92 it is.

Nina got hosed off.  The scraping took a while, she has enough winter coat to hold a lot of water.  Her coat passed the plush and fuzzy and cute stage weeks ago and is marching with great determination toward a serious winter coat.  I am not looking forward to minus 22 like last year so I am ignoring it mostly. 
She was pretty good today.  I threw some poles out on the ground and we did circles and figure 8s over them at a trot for about 15 to 20 minutes.  That's about all I can handle right now if I sit up, put my shoulders back and look like a rider.  If I slouch and slump and lean over her neck I can go indefinitely.  All the time I was obsessing over her lameness I certainly was not working on MY fitness.
Rode around for a while at a walk.  She is a little sore and easily uncoordinated from the lack of work but getting better and I think all the stepping over poles is helping and lots and lots of walking.

More poles tomorrow.  I am thinking about clipping her already if it doesn't cool off soon.  I usually wait until around Thanksgiving - might be a little earlier this year.  That reminds me to get clipping flyers out to other barns ASAP.


  1. 92! Oh no! I wonder if that is heading our way. Probably--LOL!
    I hope Nina's feet are doing okay. :)

  2. Ewww I am glad is seems we are in the clear from that kind of heat anymore this year. Poles sound like a great idea I think I might do some of those tomorrow.


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