Tuesday, September 6, 2011

back to work

Yesterday I started Nina on some trot sets.  From just that little bit of trotting that we have done I can tell that she is a little weak in the rear.  So we will start very slow and both of us get back into being fit enough to train.
We started with just 5 sets of  one lap of trot and a half lap of walk.  She more than wanted to keep going but I can be patient.  The arena is pretty big, about 200ft long and nearly that wide.  It takes about a minute to trot around on the rail. 
Very little work for her, 5 minutes of trotting with a rider but after all this time off I am not going to make her sore.

Here is a shot of the arena at the barn.  (Nina's house is on the north side of the arena, I colored it red.)

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  1. Slow and steady wins the race...is that the quote? :):)


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