Wednesday, January 5, 2011

yay me

When I got to the barn it was about 40F, the sun kept going behind some clouds and the wind was blowing.  I just heard the news report and it said breezy in Denver.  Well, it may be breezy there, but right up against the foothills that breeze is a full blown icy wind.
The first person I saw at the barn said "are you riding today?"  "I dunno" I replied.  I'm not riding in this, I thought.
Walking back to Nina's pen another boarder said "are you riding today?" "I dunno" I replied.  My feet are cold already and the wind is blowing down my neck, I thought.
I got Nina out of her pen and walked up the the area where I tack up.  I'm not riding in this wind, this sucks.
I tacked her up and another boarder said "are you riding today?"  "I dunno" I replied.   I will just lunge her and be done, I thought.
So I lunged her (and we had the first of what promises to be many discussions about her disappearing ground manners).  Walked over to the arena and got on.
As a reward, the wind dropped to almost nothing and the sun peaked out between clouds.  We worked for about 20 minutes.  The wind picked up again and we quit for the day.
Now this might not seem like much to those of you who are much tougher than I am, but I HATE being cold and I never did warm up today, even riding.  My feet are still cold as I sit here and write this.
Now I am going to have a hot cup of coffee and go watch TV.
Somebody pat me on the back.


  1. Consider your back patted :) Anytime we can overcome less than ideal conditions to ride congratulations are in order!

  2. Aww, I definately understand that feeling. As previously mentioned, 'consider your back patted'. I have a circulatory disorder that causes my hands and feet to react poorly to the cold, so I fully and completely understand what you mean. Have a hot cup of tea, and crank up that heater!

  3. I have trouble getting myself to ride when it is cold too. I'm a big wuss about the colt, that's for sure, but I do always feel better when I push through and ride. Good for you!!

  4. Pat! Pat! Pat! ;)

    Just curious. Does Nina like to ride when it's cold? Does it warm her up or wear her out?

  5. Rita, the horses are very comfortable around 40 degrees. Those big muscles generate a lot of heat so even in the 30s and 40s she will sweat when she works. When it is cold and there is a breeze blowing most horses want to kick up their heels and play. Even when it is really cold, they will avoid the wind if they can, but that's about it. They are much more stressed by heat than by cold.


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