Wednesday, January 19, 2011

well, crap...

When I left for work this morning I was wearing a sweatshirt and carrying my jacket.  Sunglasses in my hand.  By the time I got to the barn, THIS is what the day looked like.

Nina was glad to see me for about 2 minutes.  Then she realized that instead of hustling as fast as possible to give her her beet pulp, I was actually setting it down in the snow and screwing around with a camera!!!  The smile turned into a frown, to say nothing of pinned ears and slitty eyes.   I think I may be fired.


  1. Ahhh! Good old unpredictable weather.
    Nina did look peeved with your camera fiddling--hehe!

  2. My gosh, looking at those pictures is making me cold. I love the first picture of Nina though. So cute!

  3. That looks miserable. Hope your weather turns better soon. We're in for it tonight and tomorrow here on the east coast.Nina does looked peeved.


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