Sunday, January 2, 2011

all things are relative

After spending most of the fall whining about how cold and miserable I was at temps in the 30s, 40s and even 50s.... I had to giggle this afternoon.  I was shedding jackets and scarves and gloves at the barn like I had been transported to Florida.  The sun was out and it was a balmy 34 degrees.  After a few days at 13 degrees we were all enjoying the heat wave.  And I think most of the snow evaporated, there isn't even a whole lot of mud.
The turnout arena is the one exception.  While it was so cold (and dry!) the snow was powdery and fluffy.  The dirt and sand was also frozen and powdery and fluffy.  Walking in there was like walking in a foot of brown and white sugar.  Now that it is warm enough to melt the snow it is a muddy mess.
Nina got a little exercise in a round pen and was considerate enough to chose a dry spot to roll.  She has lost a little weight over the weekend, they burn a lot of calories staying warm and the wind chills were -25 overnight for 3 nights.  They have to eat round the clock to maintain their weight when it is that cold and she is kind of a slow, picky eater.   Horses are really efficient at maintaining body temps, as long as they have food.
I eat more than my share and it doesn't help me keep warm one little bit, hardly seems fair.


  1. 9 below in Fargo. I can imagine they would lose weight keeping warm in that cold! I just saw a program on workers in Antarctica and they had to consume over 6,000 calories a day working in that cold--and they can come inside. Maybe I should head outside and lose some weight? On second thought...;)

  2. Haha, I agree. I would happily eat around the clock, but I know that I was shivering my brains out standing on that trailer yesterday. Arty was happily munching on hay, warm and care free.

  3. Recently I saw a TV show that suggested we burn more calories when we're cold. I figure I must be the exceptiong to that rule but I see I a m not alone.

  4. Too funny:)

    About half an hour into my work day today (landscaper) I had to shed three layers. When I checked the thermometer, it was all of 38 degrees. After a few sub-freezing weeks it seemed balmy!


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