Monday, January 10, 2011

mile high heat

The radiate power of the sun in a clear sky at over a mile high is impressive.  It can turn skating rinks into relatively drivable streets in just hours.  But it does nothing for the temperature of the air in an arctic cold front.  I was reminded of this when after unzipping my jacket because I was pleasantly warm in the sun, I got the finger tips of my gloves wet and they instantly froze to my fingers.  Ouch!  Sun or no sun, it was still 13 degrees F.

Nina was making do in the boring cold, scarfing down a bucket of beet pulp.

And what is this?   Despite the fact that it looks like snow in the pics (I did my best) this is actually a cluster of tiny tiny spiral icicles on her cheek.  She has them on her cheeks, chin and ears.  I think they must be just the moisture coming off of her body and freezing into little icicles.


  1. Ugh! I think that arctic air is heading this way. :(

    I read your (scary) post from a few days ago - please be careful driving!!

  2. I can't imagine being that hot to be sweating when it is 13 degrees. Wow! :)


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