Friday, January 14, 2011


I managed to get in a quick ride on Nina this afternoon.  The outdoor arena is not rideable, or walkable... I nearly got stuck walking out to check it out.   So we went in the indoor. 
Now, Nina was ridden all last winter in an indoor arena and was fine, but she hates this arena.  She has thrown hysterical fits and spooked like a runaway freight train at who knows what. 
Today there were others horses in there, which helps and we walked around for about 15 minutes.  Since there were other riders and there wasn't room for her to throw her first day back temper tantrum we just walked.  She was very looky, but absolutely no spooking.  I wasn't much help as I was waiting to see if I could hang on and was probably tenser than she was.  It was a good first ride indoors.  I will try to find a time tomorrow with just one or two other horses and put her to work. 
Oh, and I won another round of the battle to re-install her ground manners.  I don't know where they went but it has been a battle lately.


  1. Great job riding in the hated arena :) And good luck reinstalling ground manners - we had to reinstall trailer loading this week. Heaven knows why :)

  2. When I'm riding in the indoor and snow comes off the roof I always have to work hard at not scaring the horses, who are usually fine :)
    Could you find a time when there's no one using the indoor, (maybe at the end of the day?)and turn Nina out in there? Our horses get turn out in the indoor when it's too messy to go outside and I think that's a big part of the reason they don't spook in there at all. They did in previous barns when they only went in there to be ridden, so maybe it could help. Good luck and good for you with the ground work.

  3. You guys are funny! No turnout in the indoor, one end is storage with a wide opening into it and a door into the main barn. I'm sure that would help, but we will have to muddle through.


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