Tuesday, January 11, 2011

warm up coming

Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 30s and Thursday in the 50s.  While this warm up is much appreciated by people, it is very hard on the horses.  Fortunately (knock on wood) Nina seems to be able to take these temperature swings in stride. 
Looking forward to riding weather, and for all of you in the path of this arctic blast.... at least it is moving fast. 
Rita, I'm sure you get these arctic blasts too, you just can't tell because once you are cold cold cold, you can't tell. 


  1. You are lucky! Although, I quite agree that horses take those temperature swings poorly. I wouldn't want to trot around in a thick fur coat in 50 degree weather, either! Well, that's not entirely true. I would happily wear a fur coat in warm weather if it meant I didn't have to endure any more snow!

    Enjoy your heat wave ;)

  2. Enjoy it while it lasts! We're getting a blizzard :(

  3. LOL! 50 degrees! I thought our 12 degrees on Thursday was good--hehe! ;)

    Have fun riding! You'll have to get the light blanket for Nina out again at this rate. :)

  4. I think temperature swings are hard on the horses as well although mine aren't complaining. Just figuring out what to feed to accommodate the extremes is enough to make me grouchy.


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