Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mellow Sunday

There was a high degree of craziness at the barn today.  LOTS of people and activity, a horse trying to colic, another one giving his young owner the big finger in the roundpen and rolling in his saddle.  The 4-H kids and instructor trying to do their regular Sunday thing, limited riding in the outdoor arena, lots of wet still.

I have the place almost to myself Monday through Friday if I get there early enough, so why stress with the traffic jam.  Nina and I took a walk.  Around the barn, around the parking area, the trailers, up and down all the shed rows.  She was a little excited when she first came out of her pen but then she chilled and just marched along, looking at everything, unfazed by a muck bucket that blew out in front of her, a swinging rope hitting her on the butt, lots and lots of water to walk through.  (Remind me of this, please, when we start schooling xc and she doesn't want to get her feet wet.)  All in all she acted like an interested tourist watching the locals.  We walked for about 40 minutes, I borrowed some beet pulp from a friend because Nina's is STILL in my kitchen sink.
Good bonding time.  Tomorrow, weather permitting, back to work.


  1. I'm always thankful I can go to the barn through the week when it isn't busy too. Sounds like a nice walk - very brave Nina! She is so pretty - what nice horse.

  2. Yay, Nina! Sounds like she enjoyed going somewhere different. She obviously didn't want to be in the crowded barn, either. :)

  3. You have been awarded the "Stylish Blogger Award". Please come by my blog ( to pick it up.

  4. You've received the Stylish Blogger Award! Swing by my blog to check it out. To be fair OnTheBit got to you first, but now you can be twice as stylish;)

    I think puddle phobia is a huge thing to overcome, so you're very lucky Nina doesn't appear to have an issue with it. Arty hates water. Seriously, to the point where he won't go near a bucket unless he sees another horse drink first.


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