Monday, December 5, 2011

weather report - 11 degrees

ELEVEN flippin degrees at the barn at 2pm with the sun shining.
Since it is Colorado sun at about 6,000 ft, it was evaporating the snow, not melting it. 

Nina seems to be handling it well, all snuggled up in her big ole Rambo.  She wants out of her run but everything is covered with ice and way too slippery.  She would be happier if we just went about our normal routine, the cold doesn't bother her.  ME, however, a little different.  I am not hanging out with her for very long at 11 degrees.  She was a little miffed but agreed to eat her beet pulp.
I think the high for the last 3 day has been around 20.  Tomorrow it is supposed to get near freezing - heat wave!!!
daily disclaimer: I hate winter


  1. Brrrrrr... not to taunt you or anything, but our weather's still sitting above freezing! For another day.

  2. I think we made it up to 12. Been awful cold, yes! Oddly, no snow here yet. Had a couple dusting a while back that melted. Brown and cold. Brrr...

    I'm sure glad Nina isn't bothered by the cold. ;)


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