Tuesday, December 6, 2011

cold cold cold

It is almost noon.  I wonder if we will break into the double digits by noon?  Apparently DIA is at a roasting 12 degrees but it is 8 here. 
daily disclaimer: I hate winter


  1. I think my comment yesterday jinxed me. After saying it would hover around or slightly above freezing, it started snowing. We're now absolutely coated in snow, and the weather shows no signs of improvement.

  2. Heat wave over here. 1:30pm and 18 degrees! Sorry. Didn't mean to rub it in. ;)

  3. We had a storm come in and it was a beautiful 1 degree this morning at the barn. It will back to the 50's later this week though :)

  4. oops! Looks like this deep freeze is heading east without warming up at all. Sorry 'bout that.


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