Tuesday, December 13, 2011

here is a gag-me article

Horse training and horse riding is nowadays all about the gadget that can fix your lack of ability to ride your horse.  Don't take lessons, don't learn how to ride a horse into your hand or otherwise learn any horsemanship.  Just pull its head down, put on some bigger spurs and voila! you too are ready to show!

In defense of people who use a PROPERLY ADJUSTED running martingale - when it is properly adjusted it cannot be used to pull the horse's head down, it does not engage until the horse is above the bit and its purpose is to help manage a horse that will go above the bit and bolt or will knock you out of the saddle when it gets excited.  It is, in my opinion, a safety device and not a training device.

However, The American Quarter Horse Association is advocating martingales short enough to pull a head down (also known as a training fork) and drawreins in the hands of people who cannot possible know how to use them because getting the head DOWN is the total goal of training horses these days.
Excuse me while I go throw up and here is the link from the AQHA.


  1. ugh. I agree. Gag me ... or better yet, poke my eye out with a spoon. I use a running martingale on very green/young horses and like you said it is adjusted quite long so it only comes into effect if I get into trouble. Otherwise, it does nothing. Just a safety device. I've never found a need for draw reins but I do understand in special situations with an experienced rider that they may be somewhat of a help. But this article? WTF?!?!? WTF.

  2. Wow, way to give people the confidence to use potentially harmful training aids without the help of a more experienced rider/professional. I'll admit, as much as I don't like it (I have a thing against 'training aids' even though I understand and have reaped the benefits of some when used properly) I do jump Cadence in a running. However, it's adjusted so that even when she has her head up it won't pull. Only when she truly THROWS her head, will it even engage. That way it's only in the way when she decides to grab the bit, and we can correct other 'head issues' properly without just cranking her neck. Sorry about the rant; I just hate seeing these things used incorrectly.

  3. I love that instead of seeking the advice of a vet or chiropractor, they suggest solving physical problems with extra pads or liniment. Really?

  4. Boooo. Thankfully, the commenters make some great points. What a shortsighted article, to say the least.

  5. I saw that one today, too. I quit reading about half way through the article. Such a shame, the AQHA often has pretty good articles.


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