Friday, December 16, 2011

more babbling, new horse....

The new CANTER horse arrived a little after 7am.  He left his awful track name of Admiral Dumyat at the Maryland state line and will be known now as 'Fawkes.'  When she told me about the name changed I thought she said 'Fox' because of his color.  I will have to find out more about the name.
He has a much prettier head than his field photo showed.  A little ewe neck, a little thick through the throat latch, all typical racehorse on pasture, upside down muscle.  Wait to see what he looks like a year from now.
He was known on the track as 'The Orange Horse' and judging by his winter coat I have to agree.  I wonder how orange the summer coat is?  Well, he will be easy to spot on cross country!


  1. He looks like a cutie.

    And Fawkes is the name of the Phoenix in Harry Potter.

  2. So glad the new guy is getting a new name! Whew, that Admiral Dumyat is a weird one.

  3. The only Fawkes I know of is the phoenix in Harry Potter, but JKR had to get the name from somewhere... He's got one of those 'look at me, I'm a goof' faces. It'll be fun to follow his progress. How's the mustang makeover horse doing?

  4. The Fawkes must be from Harry Potter, she is a fan, but when I first saw it the name that came to me is Guy Fawkes, infamous figure in 1600 England. Dumbledore's phoenix is a much better namesake. This is a 'different generation' thing. lol
    Update on Mustang Porter soon, he is doing well.

  5. What a handsome horse. I like his new name and didn't even remember that was the name of anything on Harry Potter--LOL! I am generationally impaired, I guess. ;)


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