Sunday, December 12, 2010

wind wind wind

I managed a ride in the wind today, although I have to confess that it was not the biting freezing cold wind we have been getting. It was fairly mild, I was in several layers of clothes but I was comfortable.  That icy wind we have been getting isn't stopped by any amount of clothes. 
So Nina was pretty good even when a horse blanket blew off the fence in front of her and a tumble weed blew right between her feet.  She discovered quickly that part of the arena was out of the direct blast, sheltered by a shed row building, and the rest was not.  She wanted to stay in the sheltered area and our circles got kind of flat when we stuck out noses out into the full force of the wind.  Not stellar, but not bad.  I used a new conditioner on my saddle last night that made it slippery so it's a good thing that Nina wasn't throwing a fit.  I need to clean that off tomorrow.
I feel like I'm in the winter groove now - I hope.

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  1. I still haven't hit my winter stride... I want an indoor arena! Do you have the joys of an indoor arena to protect you from the elements? Currently I'm lamenting this, as our recent dumping of snow has limited us to walk, and a teensy bit of trot. Time to break out the bareback riding again, I suppose. Its great that Nina didn't flip at the blanket. That's pretty impressive!


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