Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beautiful day today

Today was gorgeous and NO wind.  However we are supposed to get 80mph gusts tonight so I hope everything is nailed down good.  I had a lesson to teach this afternoon so I couldn't take advantage of the nice weather to ride.  I turned Nina out and she trotted around for a while and then got a good grooming.  Here she is all snug in her shed, eating dinner and ready for the night.

She do like her window.  Unfortunately, right after I took this shot I closed and latched the window because of the winds tonight.  I'm sure she is miffed.


  1. That doesn't look very warm there. But then we have been in the single digits for a while in Fargo--and it doesn't get as cold in Colorado. Nina looks very contented, tho. :)

  2. I know. I have to constantly tell myself that what we think is cold, horses think is just fine. They are better at heating their bodies than they are at cooling them. Horses that are getting enough to eat can be comfortable down below zero, but they can overheat at 70.


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