Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I was teaching a lesson today and the temperature just dropped like a rock.  It was 52 when I left work, 50 when I got to the barn and 37 when I got back in my car about two hours later and 34 when I got home half an hour later.  Whew, really feels cold when it does that. 
It was also spitting rain by the time I was finished with the lesson so Nina got fed, blanketed and patted on the head.  fini
She has been very good this week, hopefully I will get to ride tomorrow.


  1. Warmed up to 19 over here today. Glad Nina has been being good. :)

  2. It ranged from 8 to 26 here today. I think it dropped atleast five degrees during my ride. Brrrr! Glad to hear Nina's being good, and enjoy your ride!


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