Wednesday, December 8, 2010

back to work

Here is Nina is her partial trace clip.  Last year I had to tranq her to clip her and as soon as the drugs wore off she tried to kill everyone nearby.  This year she stood quietly in her pen while I clipped her.  She was being so good that I decided not to push my luck and when I was this far done with a trace I just evened up the edge by her flank and quit.  Then over the next few days this seemed to work fine, she wasn't very sweaty and dried fast.  I firmly believe in only taking off as much hair as you have too, unless you are in a barn where someone else is doing blankets twice a day.  The more you take off, the more you fuss with blankets.
But when I clipped her, Nina wasn't through growing hair, now she is getting too hot again so I am going to finsh the trace clip in the next day or two.  She will look like a patchwork quilt with differnt length hair - but it's not like we are going on the winter circuit.
Finally got a good ride in today and she was pretty good considering how much time off she has had the last two weeks.  I think I'll leave it there.


  1. Yay, go Nina! I think I preffer horses with odd clips; they always make me smile. Just out of curiosity, am I the only person who loves the feel of a freshly clipped horse? That spiky-roughish feel is so... cool! Te he, way to sound like a thirteen year old. Young at heart, I suppose ;) Sorry for the ramble, but glad to hear she's better!

  2. Hi
    Nina is wonderful and strong. good for riding.
    What a lovely hairs on her body !
    Go for Nina Ride.

    Speedom Movek


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