Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The cold is coming.

We have had a couple of really good days of schooling.  Working over poles, working on transitions.  Nina likes having something interesting to do.  I was riding today in a sweatshirt, no vest or jacket.  Very nice.
Tomorrow the cold arrives, high of 20 and snow and Friday it gets really cold, high of 13.  Below zero for several nights.  Then over a week in the 30s, but the sun is supposed to be out so we will play it by ear.
There is the indoor arena, which will at least be dry, but the kids are out of school and it is hard to do anything in the huge outdoor arena with them galloping around with little steering, the small indoor would be suicide.  Besides the indoor isn't heated so as soon as the snow is gone, outdoor will be better anyway.
Nina will get at least a few days off, bundled up for the cold.  Time to dig the big purple Wug out of storage.

Rambo Wug


  1. Love the picture of Nina charging thru the snow with her blanket on! It's 13 degrees and very windy and showing over here in Fargo. Sounds like you'll have a few days off from riding. I'd stay away from the wild kids, too! Maybe you and Nina can just have some nice visiting time. :)

  2. Yup, those purple Wugs are the best!


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