Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trot poles

photo from Horse & Rider (UK)
We are trotting poles. Like in this photo, slightly raised off the ground to encourage Nina to find her feet and use her butt. It will make her hindquarters stronger. She couldn't do this a few months ago, she kept kicking the poles. Now she is going through it well. Several times during our ride for the past few days and I can feel the improvement already.


  1. I am sure learning a lot about horses! I thought they did things like trot just naturally. But maybe not--especially with a human on their back--hehe! Glad she's coming along. Sounds like having a teacher has really given you a boost. :)

  2. Some horses are never given the opportunity to learn to carry a rider. Some, like Nina, resist this omission, others just truck along and make the best of it. Starting up lessons again does have me motivated and Nina is in another phase of improving everyday. Little things like being able to just stand around to take a break without her freaking out are much appreciated. We are calling it 'exhibiting horse-like behavior.'

  3. If at one time, Nina believes, a rider or human caused her great pain and fright like you suspect--it has to be really hard to trust and turn yourself over to another one. Maybe she is slowly learning to trust you--your judgment on her behalf. Nina's always sounded bright and spirited--and fearful. Makes sense that she has been traumatized somehow. She wants to trust you and understand you or she would have never cooperated at all and just bucked you off--hehe! ;) Sounds like there's been a break-through. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, eh?!


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