Monday, December 6, 2010

completely sound - unbelievable

So, I just got Nina out to roll and lunge a little in the round pen and unbelievably she appears to be completely sound.  I would have thought that would bruise enough to make her at least a little off.  I did cold hose it within minutes and wrapped it as tight as I dared to, so maybe that helped.  I got to the barn too late to ride today and assumed she would be lame anyway.  Tomorrow - back to work.

I think this is such a classy job on the bandage.  *insert rolleyes here*  
Skin colored vet wrap, which looks gross, a bell boot adjusted to be loose and 
....drum roll.... duct tape.  

 She is apparently unconcerned about her fashion image.


  1. Ah! The endless uses for duct tape! ;)
    Glad Nina is doing well.
    So cold here. One degree this morning.
    Stay warm! :)


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