Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I got stepped on yesterday, silly me. 
Where we tack up trucks and trailers go by just feet from the horses, Nina is normally fine with them, sometimes gives somebody the hairy eyeball but is usually good.  Yesterday I was fastening her bridle when a stock trailer making a lot of noise went by.  Nina tensed up and I could tell she was likely to spook a little but I made the decision to just keep working and try to ignore her.  If I react then her reaction can be to blow up.
Well, I had it all decided that she would jump away from the trailer if she jumped at all.
Nope.  She jumped toward the trailer and toward me.  Trying to hide in my pocket maybe?
She landed on my right foot and even though it felt like all her weight was on it, she must have felt it and shifted her weight away because nothing was broken or even bruised.  But it hurt like *#($)@*$&!
AND I found myself standing with my nose inches from the side of a slightly frightened 1200# animal with my foot nailed to the floor!  I actually thought about this at the time and debated briefly my decision to stand still. 
Then I started yelling and she backed away and all was well.  After a little limping around and swearing while she cocked her head at me and looked puzzled. 
ANYBODY who does anything around horses in tennis shoes or flip flops - and I see it all the time - is an idiot.  I never go to the barn without leather boots.  I get stepped on about once every 10 years or so and that is plenty enough reminder for me!


  1. Ouch! Maybe you need steel toed boots! ;)

    I'm glad Nina stepped off quickly, though. She could have done some hefty damage!

  2. No steeled toe boots - the weight of a horse can crush them and THEN you have a problem. I have been stepped on once each by my last three horses. Nina was due. lol

  3. *sheepishly raises hand*

    I'm one of those idiots - I often feed up in thongs (that is what Aussies call flip flops) or if it is super muddy in winter I might even go barefoot. I have even been known to trim hooves in my thongs. Whoops!

  4. We used to call them thongs here too, wonder what happened to that? ANYWAY - please throw an old pair of paddock boots in your car and slip them on. I see a farrier get stepped on at least once a week around here. *cringing*


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