Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a little wake-up call for Nina

So Nina has had it pretty easy for EVER.  Ok for several, let's see...almost 7 months.  So now she appears to be sound, maintaining sound and ready to go back to work.  She has been sore here and there as she starts work and she has been getting short rides, maybe 20-35 minutes. 
Today there was a little wind and she was a spooky mess.  Nearly ran out from under me twice and was a jerk about transitions, rearing once and just being a turd.  I got irritated enough to push her through that and she settled down and did a little, very little, good work. 
I don't want to push her too hard, trying to build her back up slowly, she is not a youngster (neither am I!) but I decided today that she can just simply spend a lot more time under saddle, even if she is not working hard. 
So today I got off, picked up the jump standards that someone had left laying on their sides in the arena, chatted with a friend for a while, tightened my girth back up and got back on. 
I expected a hissy fit, which I did not get, but it was a laborious process to get her to walk a few laps next to another horse.  Exhausted, ya know?
I am used to working a horse for about an hour a day and while she can't work for that long she can pack me around for that long and get over punching a timeclock at 20 minutes.

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