Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I know that Nina is observant and smart, but sometimes she surprises me and makes me laugh. 
She is often turned out in one of the pens around the arena while I teach lessons.  Tonight I put her out in a pen and taught three lessons.  She trotted and rolled and stood around and slept and watched.  Feeding time was between the second the third lessons and she watched the gator roll by with the hay and feed and yawned. 
After the third lesson I started picking up the standards and poles and as soon as I had put several of them away Nina started pacing in the pen and yelling at me.  She knew I was done and it was time to pay attention to her.   A friend of mine was watching her too and said that it was perfectly clear that Nina could tell that it was her turn. 
When she is not infuriating - she cracks me up!


  1. She's a smart girl. At least she waited until she knew you were done and didn't start bugging you when she saw the food roll by--LOL! ;)

  2. What a smart mare; and she's cute to boot!


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