Wednesday, October 12, 2011

beware unscrupulous horse trainers/dealers

Remember 'Hank'?
I told you about him last week, I went with a client to take a look at him.  He was priced at $2500, which I thought was too high for him, but my client liked him, made a full price offer and arranged for a vet exam.  The appointment was for today.
This morning the seller, Cayla Stone of Fort Collins, CO.  contacted the buyer and told her that she (Cayla) had decided to keep the horse.
The buyer cancelled the vet appointment and was disappointed that the seller had changed her mind, but that's the way things go.
Then - lo and behold!  Hank is back on Dreamhorse already, with an increased price.  Now she is asking $3000.
If you are shopping for a horse in Colorado, or know anyone who is - stay away from this one.  Word will get around quickly, but until then you are just asking to be jerked around.


  1. Wow. Poor ethics. What a shame.

  2. It's weird to miss out on a sale of a lower-end horse for $500. Huh.

  3. SprinklerBandit - I know. I would have expected that she would be negotiable down to 2k or close on that horse. I would bet that some well meaning 'friend' who doesn't know anything, told her that she let him go too cheap. She will find out. She has already missed out on a sale, besides this one. I put this all over FB and at one local trainer has already said 'thanks, saved me the drive.'

  4. Wow, just wow! The thing I keep wondering is this...did this seller believe the horse was going to fail the exam? But then having had a full price offer figures she can go for more, but maybe the next person won't be as careful in their purchase? Either way, definitely one to stay away from. Good for you calling them out!

  5. Good for you for posting this.

  6. I think she's looking for a buyer that won't get a vet exam.

  7. wilsonc, you may be right, but he is only 4, never raced. He has an old splint on a front leg and he is a slight bit clubby in front - did she think we didn't notice? He trotted out sound on hard ground. But I guess he could have something wrong with him. She is not off to a good start as a new trainer.


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