Monday, October 3, 2011


It's Monday!

Rockley Farm is once again posting pictures of that beautiful countryside that they ride through, complete with ponies.

The Adventures of Cathy and Valie posted a video that I am not even going to comment on, but it is worth seeing.

Riding From The Ground Up  show us one of those pictures that makes us all snort when our instructor says 'the jump is just another canter stride.'

And I am in a better mood about going to look at this young horse.  In fact, I am starting to look forward to it.  One more cup of coffee and I will be there.  I am going to grit my teeth and nod politely at the 'I am a professional trainer' speech, which my client has already heard at least once and just see what we got. 
Here is a video of the baby (and I did not say 'amateur hour' out loud - oops)  He is kind of cute.  He has no steering but I wouldn't expect him to at this stage.


  1. He looks happy and spunky! Let us know. :)

  2. Glad you like the RR Pony Club pics :-)

  3. Haha... if there's a pro trainer speech, I demand a repost here.


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