Wednesday, October 26, 2011

cold and wet

Our early snowstorm has turned out to be as much cold rain as snow, typical fall.  I have lost one big branch off my big maple tree but otherwise no damage.  I thought the cold and snow would strip the trees but no, they hung onto their branches and now trees all over town are big snow drifts.  We will see tomorrow when it all melts off how much damage was done.

I took Nina her beet pulp and found her cold, wet, spooky and making herself so tall I thought I was going to have to jump up and down to get her halter on her.  I went prepared and threw a cotton sheet on her followed by a waterproof nylon sheet and within about 10 minutes she was warm under the sheets, starting to dry and reduced to her normal height. 
I wish my internal heater was as efficient as a horse's.  Or even burned calories like that.  I could use either one.  
Spring and fall it is hard to keep horses that are confined warm enough without being too warm.  Fortunately, Nina is like me and always cold so she always appreciates a sheet or blanket and rarely gets too warm.
Gradually back into the 70s by the weekend. 


  1. EWw I HATE that kind of weather. I can handle snow and cold but the in between sucks. Stay warm!

  2. Haha, reduced to normal height...

  3. How is it animals seem to forget the seasons change every year--LOL! I love the drawing!! :):)
    Hope it all melts away soon.

  4. Wow, sounds like wacky weather. And here I was complaining about a little wind and rain!


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